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Product Environmental Declarations

A step forward in the ecological strategy

environmental declarations

Environmental product declaration - what is it and who needs it?

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are documents that contain information on the environmental impact of a product. In the case of building materials, environmental declarations are particularly important because the construction industry is one of the largest users of natural resources and one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

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What are the benefits of having an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

  • Increased competitiveness Having an EPD can enhance a company’s reputation and increase the competitiveness of its products compared to others on the market.
  • Transparency EPDs provide transparent and comparable information about a product’s environmental impact at different stages of its life cycle.
  • Increased chances of winning contracts Meeting EPD requirements is increasingly required in public tenders and in certifications for LEED- and BREEAM-compliant buildings, which increases the chances of winning contracts and obtaining positive sustainability ratings for buildings.
  • Increased customer trust Obtaining an EPD can help increase a brand’s credibility and have a positive impact on a company’s image in the eyes of customers.
  • Environmental awareness EPDs are in line with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards, which means they are a reliable source of information and increase a company’s transparency in terms of sustainable development.

creating declarations

What is the process of obtaining an EPD with us?

  • 1

    During the first consultation, we discuss the objectives of the declaration and the scope of the product for which the EPD is to be created.

  • 2
    Life cycle analysis

    We conduct a life cycle analysis of the product, which includes all stages from raw material acquisition, through production, distribution, use, to disposal of the product.

  • 3
    Verification and creation of EPD

    After conducting a life cycle analysis of the product, we verify and create an EPD in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14025.

  • 4

    Publication of the EPD and enabling easy access to it for customers, investors, and government institutions.

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Join us in cooperation

We cooperate with clients from all over Poland and Europe. Our specialists will guide you efficiently and quickly through the process of creating and obtaining an EPD declaration.

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Trust us and increase interest in your product with environmental declarations. We are experts in this field and offer comprehensive support for the process of creating EPD declarations.

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